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Position 1: foreign trade documents staff

Number of people: 1 Education: college or above professional direction: declaration and international freight
Requirements: male and female limited, work positive, careful and careful work Location: Tongxiang Takahashi town
job requirements:
1, responsible for accepting customer orders, with the production and warehouse departments to implement the goods, arrange the ship, on time shipping, and to ensure that the application documents are correct;
2, responsible for the import and export goods clearance, arrange the arrival date, and warehouse timely communication;
3, the monthly, quarterly, annual export of goods in a timely manner statistical reports;
4, is responsible for the export of goods and imported goods generated by sea freight, operating costs to register, verify, apply for the relevant funds;
5, on the import and export goods in a timely manner with the reminders, with the financial declaration of export tax rebate;
6, responsible for the annual work of enterprise customs documents;
7, responsible for the Commodity Inspection Bureau certificate and the annual examination of the work;
8, responsible for CCPIT certificate and annual review matters;
9, to complete the temporary leadership of the superiors.

Position two: foreign trade personnel

Number: Reserve Education: college or above professional direction: international trade practice, international business
Requirements: male and female, active, cheerful work Location: Tongxiang Takahashi town
job requirements:
1, to understand the company's product knowledge and business processes;
2, contact foreign customers, processing inquiries, inquiry and other orders related matters;
3, for foreign customers to visit the relevant matters;
4, orders to the import and export department, and communication and confirmation related matters;
5, timely feedback and processing customer requirements;
6, promptly with the remittance money, and transferred to the responsible import and export personnel to write off;
7, do a good job in foreign purchase order tracking and follow-up related matters handling;
8, finished the superiors assigned to the temporary tasks.

Position three: procurement staff

Number of people: Reserve Education: College or above professional direction: procurement and supply management, transportation and distribution management
Requirements: male and female, work carefully, good communication, good professional ethics Location: Tongxiang Gaoqiao Town
job requirements:
1, according to the needs of raw materials, the inquiry, parity, bargaining, looking for a suitable supplier;
2, to determine the purchase of raw materials, the name, size, quantity, date of delivery, to order;
3, promptly to the supplier coordination, communication and reminder of the original material, with the R & D to find the right sample;
4, the purchase quantity and quality of the acceptance;
5, timely procurement of information will be included in the audit and audit.
6, collate the corresponding, the relevant notes, according to the contract, and to remind the financial arrangements for payment.
7, regular reconciliation with suppliers, and suppliers to assess the classification management;
8, other matters related to procurement.

Position four: financial accounting staff

Number of people: reserves Education: college or above professional direction: financial (basic, primary accounting) cost accounting and analysis, financial management
Requirements: Men and women are not limited, with accounting qualification certificate, computer skills (WORD, EXCELL, UF financial software) carefully, work and work Location: Tongxiang Gaoqiao Town
job requirements:
1, in accordance with the provisions of the national accounting system, accounting, accounting, reimbursement to complete the procedures, the number of accurate, clear accounts, regular reimbursement.
2, the preparation of accounting statements to do a sound account, the accounts clear, Nissin month, Zhang card accounts match, report to complete the content, the number clear and correct, submitted in a timely manner.
3, responsible for organizing enterprise cost management, cost forecasting, control, analysis work.
4, in accordance with the principle of economic accounting, regular inspection and analysis of corporate financial plans, cost plans and profit plans to implement the situation, tap the potential to increase revenue, assessment of funds to use the results, in a timely manner to the general manager of rationalization proposals,
5, in accordance with the accounting file management approach to the establishment and management of financial records, so complete confidential information.
6, according to the business plan and financial needs, a reasonable set of financial department organizational structure, optimize the work process, develop and develop staff capacity, staff performance management, improve department efficiency and employee satisfaction.
7, regular reconciliation with other departments, so that accounts are consistent, account is consistent.
8, to complete the other leaders at all levels of delivery related work.

Posts five: R & D personnel

Number of people: reserves Education: college or above professional direction: chemical development expertise
Requirements: male and female limited, active work, strong learning ability, dedicated music group Location: Tongxiang Gaoqiao Town, Anhui Bengbu Guzhen
job requirements:
1, according to the company's product development needs to assist R & D engineers do research and development work;
2, in order to ensure the smooth development of research and development work, do a good job before the experimental data access work;
3, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment, ready to work on experimental reagents;
4, communication and consultation quality assurance departments, together with a variety of product performance testing work;
5, actively to the higher departments to do research and development progress of the report, and actively communicate, improve the research and development work

Position 6: Personnel Administrative Assistant

Number of people: reserves Education: college or above professional direction: business management, human resources management, the use of modern office equipment and maintenance, writing and application of official documents
Requirements: male and female, character enthusiasm, work positive computer skills (WORD, EXCELL, PPT, OFFICE) Location: Tongxiang Gaoqiao Town
job requirements:
1, responsible for planning and implementation of recruitment plan;
2, recruitment, through a variety of ways to complete the recruitment plan;
3, to keep abreast of and grasp the work of new staff, good coordination and communication;
4, new, in-service staff training management;
5, signed a contract in time, the relevant laws and regulations updated in a timely manner;
6, planning and organization of internal training / external training and effectiveness assessment matters;
7, monthly and annual education and training programs and performance monitoring and effectiveness assessment;
8, the development, inspection and supervision of the company personnel, administrative rules and regulations of the implementation of the situation
9, the establishment of a harmonious relationship between staff, staff rewards and punishments, promotion, transfer
10, security, access control, canteen dormitory and plant safety, health inspection and supervision and management;
11, administrative and government units related matters

Position seven: goods inspection staff

Number of people: Reserve Education: college or above Business direction: Chemical professional knowledge
Requirements: male and female limited, interested in the work of goods, work rigorous and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, with a team spirit Work Location: Tongxiang Gaoqiao Town, Anhui Bengbu Guzhen
job requirements:
1, responsible for the feed inspection work
2, the product to achieve the inspection process
3, the final product inspection work
4, the test of the development of samples
5, product inspection records to collect and ensure product traceability and measurement equipment inspection, control and centralized management
6, before the inspection of sewage discharge
7, for non-conforming product analysis, to develop corrective and preventive measures
8, the customer needs the product inspection report supply
9, the product of the certificate in line with the EU limited substances for inspection and reporting of the management and preservation
10, to achieve higher leadership to pay the next issue