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China's leather chemicals competition pattern

China's leather chemicals competition pattern

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China's leather chemicals currently have three levels of industry competition: the first level is the four major leather chemical industry multinational companies headed by LANXESS Group, BASF, Starr and Derui Group. It has rich experience in the preparation of leather chemicals and is leading the technology, occupying about 40% of the leather chemicals in China. The second level is mainly a batch of local leather chemical production enterprises that have emerged in the main leather production in China in recent years, with large scale of production, strong research and development capabilities, good product quality and stable performance.


Due to the continuous development of domestic basic chemicals, domestic leather chemical manufacturers have greatly improved the quality, stability and selectivity of the basic materials used; and the products developed by these enterprises are highly targeted to the domestic market. , distribution, service in a timely manner, cost-effective, some products can completely replace imports, currently in the high-end leather chemicals market, has formed a certain competitive advantage. With the increasing technical level and sales ability, the above-mentioned enterprises are constantly occupying the original market share of the major leather chemicals industry giants. The third level is for many domestic enterprises with low equipment, low self-control ability and unstable product performance. These enterprises are mainly aimed at the low-end leather market.


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