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Jiaxing Honglin Leather Chemical Co., Ltd. was established by Taiwan Hong Lin HWA Co., Ltd. (founded in 1960, more than 60 years of experience in selling leather chemical products) with sole proprietorship in 1993, which covers an area of more than 120mu and has the total investment of USD 10 million. Our company is mainly engaged in research, development, production and marketing of leather chemical products including tanning agent, grease, synthetic tannin, acrylic resin, PU resin, wax agent, pigment paste, gloss oil as well as shoe chemical products such as shoe wax, treating agent, waterproof agent, mildew-proof agent, brightening agent, etc. With rapid development of the leather market and constant efforts of all the staff, our company has successively set up branches and business departments in Putian of Fujian Province, Guangzhou, Weifang of Shandong Province, Xinji of Hebei Province, Chengdu, Wenzhou and other places; to better develop overseas market, our company has set up branches in Hong Kong, Texas of America, Thailand and other places. Our products have been sold to Italy, Turkey, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, Japan and other countries Our company passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in 2003, and ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification in 2008. We actively take international advanced management modes in operation management, to clearly know market trends and formulate market strategies accurately and timely. Based on this, our company has also specially set up a powerful customer support center and a special line for product complaints, which fully reflects the tent of “Customer Supreme” At present with developed leather industry, our company keeps up with the development tendency of international new fashion. R&D department constantly, rapidly and accurately develops new products and develops new leather manufacturing processes while stabilizing the original excellent product features, to meet customer requirements of different levels. We look forward to providing more perfect all-around services for customers in leather and shoe chemical industries.
China's leather chemicals competition pattern
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2019-03-19 18:06
China's leather chemicals currently have three levels of industry competition: the first level is the four major leather chemical industry multinational companies headed by LANXESS Group, BASF, Starr and Derui Group. It has rich experience in the preparation of leather chemicals and is leading the technology, occupying about 40% of the leather chemicals in China. The second level is mainly a batch of local leather chemical production enterprises that have emerged in the main leather production in China in recent years, with large scale of production, strong research and development capabilities, good product quality and stable performance. Due to the continuous development of domestic basic chemicals, domestic leather chemical manufacturers have greatly improved the quality, stability and selectivity of the basic materials used; and the products developed by these enterprises are highly targeted to the domestic market. , distribution, service in a timely manner, cost-effective, some products can completely replace imports, currently in the high-end leather chemicals market, has formed a certain competitive advantage. With the increasing technical level and sales ability, the above-mentioned enterprises are constantly occupying the original market share of the major leather chemicals industry giants. The third level is for many domestic enterprises with low equipment, low self-control ability and unstable product performance. These enterprises are mainly aimed at the low-end leather market.
Leather Chemical Products Encyclopedia
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2019-03-19 18:03
There are hundreds of chemical materials used in tanning production, but people are used to making retanning agents, fatliquors, finishing agents, auxiliaries (surfactants) for leathermaking into leather chemical materials or leather chemistry. Product. In fact, the long-term use of inorganic tanning agents and plant tanning agents for tanning with other synthetic materials has gradually integrated into the category of leather materials. Throughout the whole process of leathermaking, the research and application of high-quality leather chemicals play an important role in the development of new products, quality improvement, product competitiveness in the international market and innovation in production technology. Therefore, the development of leather chemicals It is necessary to support and help the chemical system, and hope to develop new high-quality tinctures, fatliquors, finishes and other leather additives to promote the modernization of the leather material industry.
Development and prospects of the leather industry
The leather industry is an industry that uses animal products for processing, and uses animal hides as the main raw material for series processing. It generally includes the leather industry that uses raw hides as the processing object, the leather shoe manufacturing industry that uses leather as the main raw material, and other leather products processing industries, usually including the fur processing industry and supporting materials, and the manufacturing of professional equipment.
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