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CHEMTAN T-25J Neutralization and retanning agent
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CHEMTAN T-25J Neutralization and retanning agent

Product parameters

Synthetic neutralization tannin, with a blanking effect; CHEMTAN T-25J used in chrome tanned leather tanning / dyeing / fat filling stage, can give the leather a good buffer effect.

CHEMTAN T-25J is used in the neutralization phase to achieve a fully homogeneous permeation and neutralization effect without causing the fiber to be too loose at a pH of about 4.5; allowing the next tanning agent, dye, grease to allow the leather to absorb The


Basic physical properties:
Effective content: 38%
PH: 6.8
Ionicity: Anion
Appearance: transparent, dark brown
Recommended when the use of the amount of 2 to 4%


When the temperature is below 20 degrees, there will be a cotton-like occurrence. With warm water to open, stir even after use, does not affect the effect.

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