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FILLER 1432 Protein packing

TOP SJ cationic finishing agent, and other cationic products used in the primer, for the grain of damaged leather, to achieve the effect of covering


K-FR is an aqueous cationic foamed resin
Appearance: white viscous liquid
Effective content: 13 ± 1%

FILLER 1462 Protein packing

KF-D is an aqueous cationic filler
Effective content: 20 ± 1%
PH: 3.5 to 4.5

FILLER 532 Protein packing

The main components: multi-cluster retanning agent
Basic physical properties:
Appearance: translucent liquid

CHEMTAN FILLER LF Kaolin fillers

Ingredients: hydrolyzed animal protein
Basic physical properties:
Appearance: white, or light yellow powder

CHEMTAN FILLER GL Protein packing

Appearance: powdery
PH: -
Effective content: 100%
FILLER 1462 protein filler
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