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PU-88 Polyurethane resin

HL-66 is a high gloss, transparent, oil-soluble varnish, can provide a comfortable and dry feel; to give leather smooth filling and excellent surface effect


HL-718 for the brightness, versatility of the oil-soluble emulsified varnish, can produce mercerized color and dry comfort.

PU-162 Polyurethane resin

HL-83 is a nitrocellulose solvent-based varnish, used in the skin can be transparent, high-gloss brightness, can be used for all leather effect layer or top layer

PU-382 Resin

PU-88 is an aliphatic water-based polyurethane as the main component of the resin, in the leather surface to form a transparent, medium softness


PU-318 for the water-based polyurethane resin; coating soft, strong adhesion, elongation, good leveling.

PU -146

PU-162 is a very soft polyurethane resin, suitable for a variety of soft dough use. It gives the leather a soft,

PU-M1 Aliphatic aqueous polyurethane dispersions

PU-382 is self-crosslinking water-based emulsified polymer, ethyl acrylate-based copolymer. The film formed is transparent and soft.


Specifications :
    Chemical properties: Aliphatic water-based polyurethane resin


PU-146 is an anionic aliphatic PU emulsified resin.
PU-146 is a solvent-free, aqueous emulsion, especially for ground and palm.

PU-M Aliphatic aqueous polyurethane dispersions

PU-M1 is a solvent-free anionic aliphatic waterborne polyurethane with matte and soft feel.

PU-244 Polyurethane resin

Specifications :
    Chemical properties: Aliphatic water-based polyurethane resin
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