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chemical composition:
A special retanning polymer.
Applicable to NAPPA soft leather

HR-297 Resin

RT-SW is a special synthetic tanning agent for the manufacture of blister leather
Basic features:
Concentration: 50% ± 2


JS-593 is a treating agent applied onto leather products, which enables various leather products to achieve water-repellent finishing


HR-3329 self-crosslinking water-based polymer, with good permeability, fine molecular properties, when the primer can be used to improve the leather surface


HR-297 is based on butyl acrylate polymer as the main component of the sub-molecular water-based resin, can be formed in the leather surface transparent, soft film.


HR-858 is a very special integrated resin, with a soft and full of features, it is suitable for soft leather and clothing leather finishing.

HR- 66

HR-201 is a water-based anion emulsion copolymer mainly based on acrylics.
It is a kind of soft resin very suitable to be used on soft surface leather.

HR-329 Filling resin

Chemical composition: Waterborne acrylic emulsifier
Appearance: Emulsion liquid
Effective content: 50 ± 1%


HR-41 is very soft water-based acrylic resin with high dispersibility and excellent shelf stability, as well as good levelling property


HR-66 is a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion for leather, which is suitable for coating full-grain leather, corrected grain leather, etc.


HR-329 is a self-crosslinking aqueous emulsion, with butyl acrylate as the main copolymer. The film formed is transparent, medium hardness.


HR-106 is a co-polymer emulsion with copolymerization of butadiene and acrylics as well as good dispersibility.

HR-330 Soft dry filling resin

HR-25E is acrylic resin which has high dispersing performance and is suitable for coating various kinds of smooth leather


HR-590 for the acrylic emulsion, because the film is very soft, so the use of skin in the embryo can get excellent adhesion.

HR – 490 Resin

HR-326 is a waterborne polyurethane (PU emulsion type resin), which forms a relatively soft film, can be used in the whole grain as a light-emitting layer.

Resin HR-406

HR-330 is an acrylic latex emulsion polymer for leather, which has good permeability to leather and can be used as a resin for full-grain leather and abrasive leather.


HR-42 is acrylic resin with high dispersibility and is suitable for coating various kinds of smooth leather and full-grain leather.


HR-490 is an acrylic dispersion that can be crosslinked at low temperatures. It gives the finishing layer a solid and very good coating film.

HR- 2037 Cracked resin

Polymer: Acrylic acid based acrylic acid polymer
Specifications :
    Effective content: 40 + 1%

HR-832 Resin

Resin HR-ANR has a wide range of applicability and can be used for full-grain finish. Its viscosity is very good, by using the general surfactant


HR-3320 is a special self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion for leather, suitable for full-grain, skins and waterproof leather finish


Chemical composition: Water-soluble acrylic acid copolymer


HR-832 is a semi-self-crosslinking aqueous emulsion, with butyl acrylate as the main copolymer. The film formed is transparent, soft and elastic.

HR- 663

HR-197 is a kind of medium-softness emulsified acrylic resin mainly based on butyl acrylic acid, as well as a kind of water-based acrylic resin with extremely high flexibility
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