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Product parameters

Chemical constituents: cationic mixtures of natural oils and synthetic oils.


                  Cationic surface oil can improve the paste plate dry from the board, can give full grain leather and two layers of velvet leather moisturizing feel.
                  Used in high temperature dissolved grease drum, give the oil feel while increasing the absorption of anionic products.
                  Used in pre-fat, improve the softness and fullness of soft leather after falling.
                  Diluted with water, used for finishing spray, to improve the leather surface feel.


Basic physical properties:
  Appearance: white white paste
  Active Ingredients: 60%
  PH (5%): 3.50


After normal anionic grease is added, change the fresh water bath - pour water / pour fresh water, or pour water / water / inject new water, add 2% CHEMOL 290M to improve the plate dry.

Water, using 1-3% Chemol 290T based on blue skin weight, diluted with 5 times 60 degrees water, after terephthalate or chrome retanning.

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