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JS-606 Transparent Brightener

Product parameters

JS-606 Transparent Brightener
The product is a solvent-base brightener which can be directly sprayed onto genuine leather, PU leather or P.V.C. leather because of its excellent bonding effect. With extremely good medium/high luster, light resistance and folding resistance, the product can generate smoothness like egg white on product surfaces.
The brightener is made of special raw materials and has yellow resistance, so it can be sprayed onto white leather or light color series leather.
Due to particularity of its raw materials, the product can effectively prevent the plasticizer of P.V.C. leather from transferring.
Other pigments can also be added into the product to achieve colors required by customers. Dye water can be added to achieve a double-color effect, or oily pigment paste can be added to change the color of crust.

Solid content: 13+1%
Viscosity: ≥50 cps

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