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HB-512 Casein

Product parameters

HB-512 is a water-based casein protein, the main features are as follows:
1) mixed with waterborne acrylic or PU resin to enhance slab resistance and solvent resistance.
2) After spraying HB-512, polishing (Polishing), can make the skin more bright and improve the uneven thickness of the leather surface.
3) can also be used as a binder for light.
4) mixed with other casein protein, it can be used in the traditional coating of the top coating, can get as light (Glazing) appearance.
5) in the coating leather coating solution by adding HB-512 can reduce the paint sense, without affecting the coating layer of the cover, and can increase the appearance of benzene-like skin.


Specifications :
  Effective content: 12.5% + 1%
  PH: 9 + 0.5
  Viscosity: ≥ 350 cps
  Film Hardness: Medium Soft

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