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Cationic oil HF-560

Product parameters

   Ingredients: from the natural and synthetic oil made of micro-thick water emulsifier.
   Ionicity: cationic
   Adaptability: with the anionic products are not too lively (so mixed, to be very attention), and all other non-ionic or cationic products have good compatibility.


Instructions for use:
Spray pure HF-560 in the shoes on the bead skin, can produce "TIMBERLAND" effect. After the first spray drying through the hot plate, and then the same second spray, you can get very soft with oil-sensitive skin; in the skin of the crease, the gloss will be slightly weakened, but after light grinding, The tone will reply. Its oil effect can be lasting.
HF-560 can also handle special effects, sprayed with HF-560 after the drum will be soft will get the natural fold of the "crease skin." HF-560 can be used in conjunction with nonionic binders such as resin HR-03, in the treatment of suede with "NAPALAN" and "DOUBLE FACE" with oil feel; HF-560 binds to anionic binders Sprayed in the skin of the meat layer, which is mentioned in front of the "NAPALAN"; a variety of different uses of the HF-560 leather can meet the tide with a variety of changes, resulting in special excellent results.

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