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Chemol 411

Product parameters

Chemol 411
Description: dispersing and degreasing agent

It is used as a dispersing agent in retanning materials, waterproof chemical preparations and fatliquor, and can also be used as a degreasing agent in the blue pelt stage of red skin and raw crust leather as well as the soaking stage. With hydrophobicity after the addition of metal salt, CHEMOL 411 is particularly suitable for manufacturing waterproof leather.


Help dyes to disperse uniformly, and improve the surface cleanliness, to uniformly disperse fatliquor or waterproof agent.


Basic Physical Properties:
Appearance: light yellow liquid
Effective content: 25%
pH: 7.0
Ionicity: anion


Application Methods:
CHEMOL 411 must reach the pH value of 5.0 or higher during application, to achieve better effects.
When used as a degreasing agent, 1-2% CHEMOL 411 is added after neutralizing materials are added 10-15min later.
When used as a dispersing agent, it is added together with dispersing materials, with the using amount of 2-3%.
Rewetting stage: add 2-3% (on the basis of wetting red skin or raw crust leather) CHEMOL 411 after a small amount of alkalies such as ammonia water or baking soda are added.

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