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Product parameters

AP-100-6 is an environmental protection biodegradable degreasing agent particularly suitable for soaking, liming, deliming, softening and other stages, to achieve an extremely good degreasing effect, increase the liming speed and help to remove loosen hair roots in the softening process. It can effectively achieve the effects of cleaning and rewetting when used at the retanning stage.

Basic Physical Properties:
  Appearance: relatively high consistence at low temperature, relatively low consistence at high temperature
  Ionicity: Nonionic
  P H value (10%): 5.0 to 8.0


a. Accelerate the soaking effect of the original leather with the using amount of about 0.2%.
b. Enable lime to be absorbed by the leather uniformly in the liming process, with the using amount of about 0.1~0.3%.
c. Rapidly rewet dry chromed tanned leather with the using amount of about 0.2~0.4 %.
d. Wash the leather at the retanning stage with the using amount of about 0.2~0.5%.

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