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Product parameters

Ingredients: Phosphorylated Esters and Special Emulsifiers


Basic physical properties:
Color: colorless or light yellow liquid (20 ℃)
PH (10%): 7 ± 1
Lightfastness: Excellent
Solid content: 42 ± 2%


※ can not be yellowing synthetic fat, can penetrate deeply into the inside of the skin fiber, give leather such as clothing leather feel and full of leather.
※ can be very light skin and excellent drum soft effect, suitable for a variety of special soft leather.


Instructions for use:
 ※ clothing leather cow leather: 6 ~ 8%, with other natural oil use.
                Goat skin: 6 ~ 8%, combined with other natural oils and fats. Suggested 2 to 3 times to join the grease. For the production of white goat gloves skin, the amount of the product up to 12%, can be soft, full, resistant to yellowing gloves skin.
                Sheep skin: 6% with FA-306, FA-35, WR-205 can be used together to get the perfect combination.
 ※ Upper leather leather leather: 2 ~ 3%, with other synthetic oil can get excellent softness.
                Matte leather: 2 ~ 3%, can be very good, very comfortable surface feel.
 ※ 2 layers leather suede: 1 ~ 2%.
 ※ furniture leather and other natural oils and fats mixed use, the amount of 6 to 8%.


※ The best storage temperature is 5 ~ 35 ℃. Stored in a cool and ventilated place; the storage area temperature is too low, the product may be solidified, but does not affect the use of the effect, please stir before use.


Shelf life: sealed for one year.

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