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OIL-53 Sulfite natural oil
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OIL-53 Sulfite natural oil

Product parameters

Basic physical properties:
Nature: sulfite and oxidized pure fish grease
Appearance: transparent, viscous, dark liquid
Grease: 70%
Sulfite content: 2.8-3.0
Emulsification: in hard water, acid bath, alkali bath, electrolytic value bath is very stable
PH: 6.0-7.0

Instructions for use:
It can be diluted in 3-4 times 50 ? C water bath, the formation of a very stable emulsion bath, in the general tanneries electrolyte bath is very stable.
Because it has a very good permeability and dispersion, it is particularly suitable for soft clothing leather, leather furniture, inside and plant tanning use. Can increase the extension of the tensile force of leather. In particular, no bad taste of the produce, you can emulsify 50% oil. Can be used in the neutralization stage, penetrate into the inside to get a very soft finished leather.

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