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Product parameters

main ingredient:
A mixture of natural animal and vegetable oils and synthetic oils.


The main purpose:
Chrome tanned leather fatliquor, especially for clothing leather and other soft leather fat.


Basic physical properties:
Appearance: light brown paste
Effective content: about 60%
PH value: about 7 (10% aqueous solution)
Light resistance: excellent
Emulsification stability: good
Charge: Anion


1, FA-92 is a high-grade chrome tanning fatliquor, suitable for a variety of soft leather, a good permeability and emulsification, and a certain dispersion of fiber capacity, and leather fiber binding force particularly strong.
2, FA-92 has a strong sponge effect, can make the finished leather has a very good softness, light feeling and fullness. Especially for clothing leather, Napa leather, to improve the leather feel have an immediate effect.
3, excellent light resistance.
4, can improve the physical properties of leather and wear resistance, cashmere effect is good, and give the leather natural sense of mercerizing.
5, if used in conjunction with the FA-91 or any other grease used, in particular, can enhance the pressure of the hydraulic hot plate, hydraulic not flat so that the finished leather naturally full and flexible.


Storage conditions:
Products should be kept in a cool and ventilated warehouse, sunscreen antifreeze. Save the temperature at 5 ~ 40 ℃.
Shelf life: one year

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