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Product parameters

FA-306 is a modified lecithin oil, suitable for all types of soft leather.

Basic physical properties:
Appearance: light yellow thick like
PH (10%): 6.5-7.5
Effective content: 50 ± 2%
Light resistance: good

※ has a good mobility, excellent gloss.
※ can make leather smooth silk feel.
※ can make the leather parts like fabric-like uniform soft.
※ can give the leather a good sense of full, for the loose fiber structure of the site, has a good filling effect.
※ for the leather has a very good ability to penetrate.
※ can make the leather evenly and brightly colored.

Garment leather cowhide: 4%. Can be used with other emulsified synthetic oil. For cowhide matte clothing leather, can be very uniform grinding effect and silky feel, for pre-fat (2-3%) can be improved subsequently Absorption of materials.
              Goat skin: 4-5%, with other soft fatliquor used together.
              Sheepskin: 3-5%. Used in conjunction with other emulsified synthetic oils. After adding grease to the grease, add 1% of this product to get a very good surface feel.
Upper leather full grain: Use 1-2% to improve softness.
              NUBUCK: 2-3%
Two layers of suede: 1-3%
Furniture leather 2-3% and FA-72 together.

Emulsification method:
Take the required amount, slowly add 3 times 600C of water, and stir evenly.
For sheep clothing skin can be directly added to the drum, without emulsification.

Shelf life: stored in a cool dry place for at least one year,
※ If the storage temperature is high, easy to produce separation phenomenon, need to stir even after use.

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