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Product parameters

Ingredients: Phosphorylated Esters and Special Emulsifiers


Basic physical properties:
Color: colorless or light yellow liquid (20 ℃)
PH (10%): 7 ± 1
Lightfastness: Excellent
Solid content: 42 ± 2%

 can not be yellowing synthetic fat, can penetrate deeply into the inside of the skin fiber, give leather such as clothing leather feel and full of leather.
 can be very light skin and excellent drum soft effect, suitable for a variety of special soft leather.

Instructions for use:
 clothing leather cow leather: 6 ~ 8%, with other natural oil use.
              Goat skin: 6 ~ 8%, combined with other natural oils and fats. Suggested 2 to 3 times to join the grease. For the production of white goat gloves skin, the amount of the product up to 12%, can be soft, full, resistant to yellowing gloves skin.
              Sheep skin: 6% with FA-306, FA-35, WR-205 can be used together to get the perfect combination.
Upper leather leather leather: 2 ~ 3%, with other synthetic oil can get excellent softness.
              Matte leather: 2 ~ 3%, can be very good, very comfortable surface feel.
 2 layers leather suede: 1 ~ 2%.
 furniture leather and other natural oils and fats mixed use, the amount of 6 to 8%.

 The best storage temperature is 5 ~ 35 ℃. Stored in a cool and ventilated place; the storage area temperature is too low, the product may be solidified, but does not affect the use of the effect, please stir before use.
Shelf life: sealed for one year.

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