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Product parameters

FA-XAM is a non-ionic fatliquoring agent suitable for use in various types of leather and multi-process applications

Basic physical properties:
Appearance: light yellow, yellow brown paste
PH (1.0%): 8.0 to 9.0
Solid content: ≥ 95%
Light and heat resistance: good


※ has excellent resistance to electrolyte and good emulsifying power.
※ acid, alkali, resistant to heavy metal ions, a variety of salts with good mutual solubility.
※ effective increase in a variety of fatliquor resistance to electrolyte performance.
※ may be appropriate to increase the sense of wax wax, suede showing a good mercerizing effect.
※ with a variety of surfactants, mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil in 35 ℃ above the warm water miscible.


Use and reference amount:
Can be used directly in the fat, can also be mixed with other fatliquoring agent used in combination:
In the retanning fatliquoring agent, adding 0.5 ~ 15%;
In the anionic fatliquoring agent, adding 0.5 to 18%;
In the cationic fatliquoring agent, adding 0.5 ~ 10%;
When the role of anti-electrolyte, the amount of 1 to 4%;
In the process of fat, the amount of wet dough weight of 0.5 to 1.6%;


Shelf life:
※ Store in a cool dry place for at least one year.
※ Avoid sun and rain.

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