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Product parameters



Ingredients: Sub-sulfated natural oil, synthetic oil composition.


Basic physical properties:
Appearance: light yellow brown, thick objects
P H: 6 to 8 (10%)
Ionicity: Anion
Light resistance: good
Heat resistance: excellent
Stability: in the general acid, alkali, chromium liquid, stable.


Applicable to all kinds of leather main fat, such as: clothing leather, upper leather, suede, two leather and furniture leather.


Leather features:
※ leather has a very good fullness, softness, grain firmness.
※ has good light resistance and excellent heat fastness.
※ Give a variety of leather fluttering, comfortable, soft wax quality feel.
※ give the skin a better filling effect and full of thickening feeling.
※ has excellent permeability, can be emulsified about 30% of the oil.

The optimum storage temperature is 5 ~ 35 ℃. Stored in a cool and ventilated place, the shelf life of one year.
This product is non-dangerous goods, according to the general cargo shipment.
Due to the characteristics of the product, the storage process may appear stratification and turbidity phenomenon, please heat, stir even after use, does not affect the use of results.

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