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HR-233 Synthetic resin

Product parameters

HR-233 composite resin, with a strong extinction, it can be used as a matte resin to use, suitable for use in the need for matte finish soft leather, grinding leather, especially for furniture, leather finishing.
HR-233 formed by the film soft and not sticky, with excellent cover, the film formed by a sense of fullness. HR-233 used in the full grain of the coating, because of its high viscosity, it is necessary to control the thickness of the film to facilitate the spraying operation, while maintaining the natural grain grain.

Appearance: milky white, high consistency dispersion, film is soft and not sticky.
Component Analysis: Synthetic resin, containing selected polymers and other additives.
P H: 8-9
Solid content: 24 ± 1


Use features:
Such as applied to the primer can have the following characteristics:
※ high cover (to improve the leather grade)
※ soft and not sticky, and then coated with excellent
※ good physical
※ keep the skin itself natural grain pattern

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