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PU-382 Resin

Product parameters

PU-382 is self-crosslinking water-based emulsified polymer, ethyl acrylate-based copolymer. The film formed is transparent and soft.
PU-382 is a fine acrylic resin; its film is resistant to flexion, soft, very elastic. In the coating solution by adding PU-382 can get a good firmness and bonding ability, suitable for enhancing the adhesion of the coating layer and softness.
In the whole grain dough using PU-382, it can give the leather elastic and natural feel; such as and osmotic agent mixed use, can also be used as filling resin.

Specifications :
    Chemical properties: Acrylic water emulsion copolymer
    Appearance: milky white liquid
    Effective content: 35% + 1%
    PH: 5-6 (20 ° C)
    Ionicity: Anion
    Film characteristics: soft and transparent
    Hardness: 35 (Shore hardness A)
    Cold: - 19 ℃

Please stir before use. Store attention to antifreeze.

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