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Product parameters

HL-822 is a water-soluble or solvent-based nitrocellulose varnish.
HL-822 for dry and wet friction to obtain satisfactory results. Can be used in the middle layer on all types of leather, to protect the primer is not covered with solvent-based varnish damage. Also can be used as topcoat varnish.
HL-822 with E.C.S. used to obtain a transparent bright appearance. Or when HL-822 is to be mixed with BAC, mix with E.C.S. (1: 1) and then add BAC to achieve complete compatibility.
HL-822 If you want to mix with all kinds of resin, please test, not all kinds of resin can get a good compatibility.
HL-822 is more flexible than HL-821. It is applicable to the top of the garment leather.


Effective content: ≥12%
Viscosity: ≥ 1400 cps


Reference recipe:
Middle coat
HL-822: 100
  Water: 100 ~ 150
Top coat:
HL-822: 100 100 100
E.C.S.: 200 100
BAC: 100
Water: 100

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