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HL-725 Not yellowing varnish
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HL-725 Not yellowing varnish

Product parameters

HL-725 is transparent, rich and flexible oil-soluble non-yellowing varnish, can be used for bead skin, ground skin or two layers of top coat. Its characteristics are as follows:
(1) in the 90 ~ 100 ℃ high temperature ironing, can produce smooth appearance, such as "egg shell" as bright film, HL-725 is particularly suitable for roller ironing, can eliminate spots.
(2) for a non-yellowing of the varnish system, with the ability to resist UV exposure, it can be assured to use the following:
(A) white or light skin surface varnish.
(B) adding HL-725 to white varnish HL-707, HL-706 can increase its brightness.
(C) the upper layer has been sprayed with white oil HL-707 or HL-706, such as re-spray HL-725 can reduce the sensitivity of soft metal (such as gold ring, etc.).
(3) HL-725 does not work on PVC to prevent plasticizer from moving from PVC to leather when it comes into contact with PVC, which is especially important for two-layer leather or gloving nappa.


Specifications :
  Effective content: 16% + 1%
  Viscosity: ≥50cps
  Specific gravity: 0.85 ~ 0.93


Instructions for use :
(A) Top level:
Varnish HL-725 400 parts
Solvent B.A.C. 600 parts
(B) make the white oil HL-707 or HL-706 bright and durable, you can add HL-725.

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