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CHEMTAN E-33 Acid phenolic retanning agent
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CHEMTAN E-33 Acid phenolic retanning agent

Product parameters

CHEMTAN E-33 is a synthetic phenolic tannin.


Basic physical properties:
Outside    View  :  Liquid, transparent, slightly sticky, orange-red
Effective content  :  50±2%
Acid base value  :  3.5±0.2(CONC.)
Ionity  :  anion
Solubility  :  soluble in hot or cold water


CHENTAN E-33 is an acid synthetic phenolic bleached tannin used primarily on soft and full chrome tanned skin. It gives a leather sponge-like feel, good filling, softness, very fine grain and light resistance. It can also be used in sheepskin, pigskin and split leather to achieve softness, filling and leveling. It has very good bleaching and light resistance to white and light skin.

It is usually used in chrome suede or light skin for 5-10% of the weight of the sharpening, especially for light fastness and softness. The higher the acidity of the skin on the surface, the stronger the bleaching effect; on the contrary, when the pH is high, the permeability is good, and the filling effect and the smooth grain surface can be achieved.

2– 5% of CHEMTAN E-33 is used in anionic grease to achieve better permeability, dispersibility and reduce oiliness on the leather surface.

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