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RT-HD ispersed tannins

Product parameters

Ingredients: Aromatic acid condensate.


Basic physical properties:
Appearance: beige powder
PH: 6.0 to 9.0
Effective content: 90% ~ 95%
Ionicity: Anion


Leather features:
1. Dispersed tannin RT-H can prevent plant tannins such as: Jing tree, MIMOSA, wood) Quebracho, Myrobalans and other tannin extract, forming a huge and highly convergent molecules, so scattered tannin RT- H can accelerate the penetration of plant tannins and prevent the precipitation of plant tannins.
2. Dispersed tannin RT-H has the best dispersion effect for plant tannins. Even if the high convergence of the plant tannins such as: wood and then tanning, can also be absorbed evenly, will not make the pearl layer deposited too much tannin, and still be able to maintain the elasticity of the beads.
3. Dispersed tannin RT-H has a neutralizing effect and can accelerate the neutralization effect.
4. Dispersed tannins RT-H has the same dyeing and bleaching effect, so that the skin to get a uniform and shallow color and beautiful appearance.


Leather applications:
RT-H is a meticulous, beige powder that is neutral in water and, in addition to being mixed separately with Myrobalans, requires the addition of synthetic tannins (with a good filling effect), mixed with any other plant tannins Use, do not need to add synthetic tannins for tanning and then tanning, can accelerate the effect of neutral, so that those difficult to "through the heart" of the leather easily "through the heart", and in the gentle role, Ning scattered and absorbed evenly. Dispersed tannins RT-H homogenization and bleaching effect is very uniform, can make the skin to get a beautiful appearance.


Note: The composition of liquid RT-H (RT-H Liquid) is about 43%.

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