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RT-WT Replacement type tanning agent
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RT-WT Replacement type tanning agent

Product parameters

Basic physical properties:
Appearance: beige white powder
Solubility: soluble in water
Effective content: 94-97%
PH: 3.1 ~ 3.6 (10%)
Storage: Keep in a dry place


RT-WT gives leather the following characteristics:
  RT-WT is a kind of replacement type tanning agent used in tanning and retanning of white leather, has good light resistance; for other kinds of leather also has excellent tanning, for example:
1, for the white leather retanning has a good light resistance.
2, for the upper leather retanning has a good filling.
3, in the production of matte leather (NUBUCK), can be very delicate grinding effect and excellent dyeing.
4, for the use of gluing powder and then tanning the leather, can get a good fastness.
5, as cattle leather and sheep clothing leather retanning agent.
6, the use of the second layer of leather in the retanning, can be fixed fiber to obtain short fiber, so there is a good grinding effect and Chromic effect, especially for the light leather.


Instructions for use:
    RT-WT is often used before the neutralization or before and after adding fat. Recommended dosage is 2 to 6%.

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