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Product parameters

chemical composition:
Neutral, naphthalene synthesis of tannin powder


In the chrome tanning there are scattered natural oils and bleaching effect
Plant tanned leather for pre-tanning.
Dye additives.
Bleaching effect.


Chrome tanning:
Can be dispersed natural oils and fats to help chrome tanning after the temperature, thus increasing the more efficient absorption of chromium powder, making chrome tanning after the leather surface is more clear, lighter color green.
Plant tanned leather:
Used for tanning in plant tanned leather to promote the penetration of tannin extract, to help dye in the vegetable tanning in the dispersion and color uniformity.
Retanning and dyeing:
Bleaching effect
Used to protect the grain from scratch before scavenging
Promote uniform dyeing


Basic physical properties:
Water content: 5%
Sodium sulfate: 11%
PH: (10% @ 25 ° C): 9.0
Solubility: (10% @ 25 ° C) clear solution
Color: light brown powder


Chrome tanning:
After adding the base, add 0.125 - 0.25% Chemtan T-13
Plant tanned leather:
In the tanning tanning, add 6-10% Chemtan T-13 before tannin extraction, turn 3-4 hours. Wipe thoroughly before adding tannin extract.


Retanning and dyeing:
Add the weight of the blue wet leather after shaving 0.5-1.0% Chemtan T-13 and neutralizer can reduce the cationic charge on the leather surface.
To do white and light color leather with 2.0-3.5% Chemtan T-13 can be used to bleach chrome leather


Paper bag 25 kg

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