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10CR Magnesium oxide

Product parameters

Basic physical properties:
Ingredients: Magnesium oxide ≥94%
Nature: 10CR is high purity magnesium oxide, with alkaline powder. It is insoluble in water and dissolves in the slightly acidic solution, so it can be added to the chrome tanning solution to slowly increase the pH to the proper salt base.


Instructions for use:
10CR is very suitable for chrome tanning, as the degree of automatic adjustment of salt, it can replace some of the base, to improve the degree of salt and not excessive, and then produce chromium powder precipitation on the surface. 0.3% to 0.5% 10CR can be added with chromium powder or chrome tanning after the addition; use the initial adjustment should be checked to adjust the salt level of the PH, if the amount can be applied to achieve the required salt degree; the use of 10CR can chrome tanning overnight.


The main advantages of 10CR:
A) 10CR is progressive to slowly increase the pH, without the general salt base adjustment additives shortcomings; it can promote uniform penetration of chromium powder.
Two) 10CR will not make chrome tanned leather face friction.
Three) 10CR can promote the leather grain surface smooth, chrome tanning uniform and then even dyeing.
4) the use of 10CR can avoid chrome spot generation.
5) 10CR low dosage and easy to use (can be directly into the drum once), compared to the general amount of alkali more economic value and safety, and save labor to add alkaline salts to increase the salt base.

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