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FILLER 1432 Protein packing

Product parameters

The main components: multi-cluster retanning agent


Basic physical properties:
Appearance: translucent liquid
PH (10%): 8 ± 1
Light resistance: excellent
Heat resistance: good
Ionicity: Anion
Solid content: 30 ± 2%


※. Give the leather very real and grain compact effect, do not face.
※. Can effectively promote the penetration of acrylic acid, tannin extract agent.
※. Has a very good light fastness and heat stability.
※. Give the leather very good fullness, elasticity and uniform filling effect.
※. After vacuum drying, give leather smooth, delicate grain and comfortable feel.
※. Combination of skin fibers, washable.
Improve the tear strength of leather.
※ stability of the acid and the general electrolyte, the chromium liquid instability.


Storage conditions: the product should be kept in a cool and ventilated warehouse, sunscreen antifreeze. Storage temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃, below 15 ℃, will become thick. Long-term storage, may produce stratification or precipitation phenomenon, please use before heating and stir evenly, does not affect the use of results.


Shelf life: sealed for one year.

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