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PU K-82 Cationic PU resin

Product parameters

K-82 is a cationic resin with good dispersibility of waterborne aliphatic polyurethanes.
K-82 is very soft, sticky and not film of water-based cationic resin. It can only be compatible with cationic coatings or dye aquatic products, and the anionic product is completely incompatible.
K-82 can also be used in the primer as a polishing layer, or given primer excellent adhesion, soft feel and natural appearance, can be added with penetrant or EG to increase the permeability, (penetrant with water Diluted and then added into the solution of K-82)


    Appearance: transparent yellowish liquid
    Ionicity: cationic
    PH: 3 ~ 4 (20 ℃)
    Effective content: 20% + 1%

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