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Resin HR-305

Product parameters

HR-305 is a thermally crosslinkable emulsified acrylic polymer.


Specifications :
    Effective content: 40 + 1%
    PH: 4 ~ 4.5
    Ionicity: Anion
    Ammonia thickening: no
    Mechanical: Good
    Salt resistance: 20% sodium chloride aqueous solution for 24 hours
    Cold resistance: normal
    Solvent resistance: ordinary (such as to produce cross-linking can increase the solvent resistance)

Due to its special composition and dispersibility, we recommend the use of this resin on the garment or soft dough, and when used in conjunction with PU-162, PU-88, HR-197 or PU-382, And feel, re-coating is also very good, and then to HL-65 oil-based varnish as a coating, even if the drum is also soft and no finishing the risk of falling.

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