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Product parameters

Acrylic resin emulsion: it is a kind of extremely soft micro-adhesive resin featuring colorless transparent finished films, no yellowing, large elongation, excellent restorability and good cold resistance. The bending resistance, plate stripping performance, solvent resistance and cold resistance of leather can be improved by taking HR-55 as base coat. It is widely applied to base coat of clothing leather, sofa leather, double-layer and first-layer corrected grain leather. Taking HR-55 enables leather bodies to be soft and plump when used for coating decoration of clothing leather, to keep leather properties and natural appearance of crust leather itself to the maximum extent. HR-55 can improve the covering performance and bending resistance of coatings without recoating appearance when used for coating corrected grain leather.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: milk white liquid
Solid content (%): 35±1
pH: 6.5~7.5
Ionicity: anion

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