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Resin HR-406

Product parameters

Polymer: Acrylic acid based acrylic acid polymer


Specifications :
    Effective content: 40 + 1%
    PH: 3 ~ 3.5
    Ionicity: Anion
    Salt resistance: resistant to sodium chloride 5% of the aqueous solution for more than 24 hours or more
    Anti-mechanical: good
    Ammonia thickening: slightly


Characteristics of Polymers:
    Cold resistance: very good (-10 ℃)
    Toughness: good
    Toughness: very good
    Heat resistance: good


Resin HR-406 used in the coating layer characteristics:
    Water swelling: slight
    Moisture resistant: good
    Resistant dry grinding: very good

Instructions for use :
    Applicable to any form of skin, with good filling and water swelling. HR-406 is a soft film suitable for soft skin (Nappa) or semi-benzene (Semi-Aniline). But also because of its natural luster of the film, can also be used for imitation light skin (Imitation Glaze).

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