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Product parameters

chemical composition:
A special retanning polymer.


Applicable to NAPPA soft leather, can be an excellent filling effect, to give leather full of leather, tight, smooth grain at the same time will not cause grain "card surface" phenomenon. The greater the amount of WR-205, the finer the leather surface.
WR-205 can also be used for water-resistant leather and waterproof leather.


Basic physical properties:
Appearance: milky white sticky
PH (10%): 9 ± 1
Active content: 30 ± 2%
Light resistance: excellent

Waterproof skin application (for reference):
WR-205 is added to the drum as follows:
1. Mix thoroughly before use.
2. Depending on the circumstances, the recommended dosage is 6 to 8%.
3. Adjust the pH to 5.5 ↑.
4. WR-205 dissolved in 550C ~ 600C hot water, stir well into the drum, the drum temperature of 550C ~ 600C.
5. Turn time 60 to 90 minutes
6. Adjust the pH to 3.3 to 3.5 with formic acid.
7. After drainage, change the water, add 2 to 4% metal tanning agent, turn 60 to 90 minutes, fixed.


120kg large mouth plastic bucket.
Pay attention to antifreeze.
Please stir before use.

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