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Product parameters

Basic physical properties:
Ingredients: Carbonyl compounds based products.
Nature: RT-IT appearance for the yellow-brown liquid, good smell, soluble in water.


Instructions for use:
RT-IT used in the fur pickling stage, can reduce the amount of acid can also be used to tanning the aluminum tanning of the wet skin, do not need to mention alkaline steps to achieve a fixed chromium salt and neutralization effect.

RT-IT can change the reaction of collagen, the isoelectric point of the leather so that the chromium salt can achieve excellent permeability even at high pH, and when the pH is about 4.5, it can reach the fixed chromium salt

Effect, so the amount of acid can be greatly reduced, in the whole process to maintain the PH value of the smooth, alkali when the amount can be reduced.
The use of RT-IT in the tanning process, can achieve the savings of material, operating time, safe and effective, easy to control and other characteristics; that is, the amount of acid and chromium salt can be reduced,

Income and fixation, reduce waste water pollution, the relative reduction of sewage costs, the most important increase in the inability of the characteristics.

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