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Product parameters

product manual:
Based on the fiber structure characteristics of the leather itself, the application of ion exchange and multi-directional bridging molecular principles, and containing cross-linking agent can promote the leather fiber structure within the reorganization of the multi-functional leather additives, Of the amino acid in the direction of the different structure of the ionic bond to link, and thus to strengthen, stabilize and smooth the role of leather fiber group. In addition, with the use of a variety of tanning agents to enhance the combination with the skin, significantly improve the physical properties of the skin, increase the variety of retanning agents, grease absorption, reduce the amount of waste water.


Product Features:
A-168 is - white solid powder, soluble in water at room temperature, aqueous solution into alkaline, and leather fiber has a strong reaction, can produce the following benefits:
1, helps to increase the number of leather feet. (Increase in scale)
2, increase the skin of the bursting force and tear strength.
3, can reduce the use of fatliquoring type and quantity, to promote the full absorption of fatliquor, reduce pollution.
4, can reduce the use of retanning agent.
5, can improve the leather dyeing uniformity, good permeability, bright color, to avoid color and batch open color phenomenon, for the manufacture of benzene leather, semi-benzene leather, staple fiber, NAPPA leather, suede, etc. Variety, can achieve deep dyeing, bright, bright, uniform, prison good quality.
6, is conducive to shorten the drying process, leather is not easy moldy.
7, can improve the quality of leather to achieve the level of light, high strength, dry, flexible, water-resistant hard and so excellent performance.
8, change tanning, change the dye will not reduce the strength of leather, can effectively achieve the tanning, change the requirements of dyeing.


1, A-168 is a high PH value of the product, in the solid acid than the average more than 1 to 1.5% formic acid.
2, the use of A-168 when shaved, more than usual 0.1mm.
3, after the retanning must hang horse, after the night and then stretch.

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