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Product parameters

Solvent moisture hardening a liquid type, resistant to twisted polyurethane varnish.


Features: with the extension of the moisture hardening polyurethane grease, at room temperature 25 ℃ buckling 80,000 times, minus 10 ℃ cold hard buckling 10,000 times, soft to 6B high-grade polyurethane varnish, both wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, Very good elasticity, apply to the second layer of leather, PU synthetic leather.


     Appearance: transparent liquid
     Solid content: 60%
     NCO: 2.8 to 3.3
     Viscosity: 300 ~ 600CPS / 25 ℃
     Solvent: EAC / toluene / NBAC


Drying time:
        Do not touch the enzyme: finger touch 36 minutes, completely dry for more than 20 hours.
        Slow dry touch enzyme added 0.05 ~ 0.1%, not more than 3%.


※ Dilute solvent moisture content of less than 0.05%, disable alcohol IPA / IBA / BCS.
※ After dilution solution and solution of adding pigment can not be stored as soon as possible.
※ Kaifeng not used up the solution, immediately sealed to avoid mixing into the air moisture.
※ Compatible with pigments before the compatibility can be caused by poor compatibility caused by turbidity.
※ plus dye water to note that the dye water can not contain alcohol, otherwise it is likely to cause quit.
※ Store in a cool dry place, avoid sun and rain, prevent air from mixing.
※ Flammable items away from anger, electrical and other heat sources, carefully stored.
※ Unopened for 6 months.
※ The temperature will drop below 10 ° C (-10 ° C).


Packaging specifications: 18kg 200kg

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