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HF-563 Discolored oil

Product parameters

HF-563 for water, oil amphoteric oil dispersant, the main skin can produce oil, discoloration effect.
HF-563 can also be used as a softener for dry fill in the coating liquid, colored dye water or polished finish, making the skin more soft and full. Used in the top coating, can produce a sense of oil.
HF-563 can be used curtain brush or spray method.


Specifications :
   Effective content: more than 98%
   PH: 9 ~ 10
  Weight: 0.92


Instructions for use :
A) used in oil dough (benzene dye effect better)
      HD-series (dye water) 200 to 300 copies
      E.C.S. 400 parts
      Water 400 copies
B) Use HF-563 to brush or spray twice with a curtain; if necessary, dilute with B.C.S. at a 3: 1 ratio. Place the night, the next day to flat plate.
C) produce a soft effect in the full agent or polished finish, according to the weight per kilogram can be added 50 grams of HF-563.

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