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Product parameters

Moisture Hardening - Liquid Polyurethane Varnish
A) physical properties:
(1) Effective content: 60 + 1%
(2) Viscosity: 200 - 300 CPS / 25 ° C
(3) pH: 3.2 to 3.6
(4) solvent grouping: ETHYL ACETATE, toluene (TOLUENE), xylene (XYLENE), butanone (M.E.K.).
(5) Hardness: 150 or more (MODULUS).
(6) drying time: finger touch 150 minutes, fully hardened 7-8 hours.


Second) Features:
(1) S-1000 system pre-esterification reaction so easy to use, just add solvent dilution can be used.
(2) after the dry film has excellent flexibility and toughness, good wear resistance, and strong anti-tension.
(3) mobility and filling coverage is good, can effectively improve the shortcomings of the leather surface.
(4) flatness is good, gloss lasting.
(5) good storage stability. (Unopened, placed in the appropriate place, can be kept for 12 months.)


C) Instructions and precautions for use:
(1) S-1000 system to the moisture in the air hardening, so the humidity should be maintained at a relative humidity of 60% -90%, room temperature of about 25 ℃ after the reaction of the most bright luster.
(2) thick coating (heavy spray) when the skin should be placed on the plate dry to prevent flow.
(3) when dry, please put in a closed room, there will be no dirt pollution of the place.
(4) the dilution solvent used does not contain more than 0.05% water, dilute the solvent. Can not contain alcohols, such as: B.C.S., I.P.A., E.G., E.C.S, etc. are prohibited to use, to prevent the impact of bridging effect.
(5) When mixed with S-1000 to achieve the two-color effect (TWO-TONE EFFECT), pay attention to the amount can not be too high, because the dye liquid containing alcohol (such as: ECS) easily lead to lack of bridge Surface showing viscous phenomenon. It is recommended to use the oily dye water OD series of our company.
(6) to adjust the solvent evaporation rate of the brightness of the finished product is very large, too fast or too slow are caused by lack of brightness or other problems, such as the amount of butyl ester in winter should be less than some of the use of ethyl ester.
(7) when the temperature is low in winter (less than 15 ℃), can use the dry agent, can quickly promote the reaction, speed drying speed.
(8) diluted solution can not be used after the store can not be stored, but not back to the liquid, and must be used within one or two hours immediately, or need to be discarded.
(9) after the barrel of the S-1000 must be completely sealed, not exposed to the air, do not store too long, so as not to harden the use.


Four) reference formula (use):
   S-1000 100 parts
   Butyl ester (BUTHYL ACETATE) 10 parts
   Ethyl ester (ETHYL ACETATE) 10 parts
   Toluene (TOLUENE) 30 parts

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