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HF-364 Wax emulsion

Product parameters

HF-364 is a water-based emulsion consisting of a variety of waxes and fillers. Mainly used in the production of wax skin and frenzy.

Application Features:
1. For the "crazy horse" effect of finishing.
2. Can be used for roller coating or spraying.
3. Have a strong wax effect.
4. Give the skin a dry and smooth sense of wax.

Appearance: milky white thick liquid
Effective content: ≥ 30%
P H value: 4 ~ 5

Suggestions for use:
It can be easily mixed with cold water to achieve the desired consistency during plant operation. Can be used alone or with HF-360, HF-361. Pressure plate temperature ≥ 90 ℃, can get the maximum effect (if dissolved with hot water will thicken the solution to produce particles).
Note: Please stir before use

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