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Product parameters

Chemical composition: The oil used on the coating machine.

Use: is a kind of compound grease, coated on the leather, can make the leather surface darker.

Leather performance: leather surface excellent oil lubrication, deep surface color.
                       Will not damage the waterproof leather waterproof effect.
                       The color of the suede to get deepening effect is excellent; on the whole grain color leather also has a good effect, and will not cause bleaching after drying.

Basic physical properties:
Appearance: black paste
Active Ingredients: 100%

Leather applications:
※ CHEMOL 385 used in the soft after the full grain of leather and repair leather.
※ CHEMOL 385 can be used alone or in combination with solvent and heated to 130-140
     (55 to 60 ° C), coated with a heated roller coater or an oil wax heating machine on the skin.
※ usually do not use solvent mixing, but if the permeability and uniformity are required, CHEMOL
     385 can be mixed with most of the solvent dilution, the most used is the essence. The use of the solvent is usually added to the CHEMOL 385 at a ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2 depending on the amount of use and the absorbability of the leather.

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