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Product parameters

For the black water oil amphoteric dye water. There are other colors available for your selection. This series of products can be used for PU leather color, or create a two-color effect.


Instructions for use: usually added to the varnish spray, can be used to adjust the PU leather color or create a two-color effect.

Two-color effect:
HD-920 10 ~ 30 copies (also available in other colors of water and oil amphoteric dye water.)
HL-81 100 parts (5 to 30% oil-based dark-colored varnish HD-21C can be added to adjust gloss).
B.A.C. 250 to 300 parts
HK-06/15 5 ~ 10 copies (HK-06 can be used for smooth feel, HK-15 for the dry, smooth wax sense.)
Spray 1 to 2 cross.

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