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Penetrant HT-619

Product parameters

Penetrant HT-619 is a water-based additive that is used for the first time to adjust the penetration of the dry-filled coating. It can also be used in conjunction with the general dye-water HD-series to be sprayed or colored with a curtain, When added to the resin / coating layer, the adhesiveness can be improved.


Instructions for use:
(1) dry filling of the surface coating:
       Resin HR-60 / HR-329 250 parts
       Penetrant HT-619 150 to 250 parts
(2) Coloring layer:
       Dye Water HD-Series 250 parts
       Penetrant HT-619 50 parts
                             700 parts of water


Specifications :
    Solid content: 12.5%
    PH: 7.0
    Weight: 1.0
    Flash point: no danger
    Storage stability: good

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