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HL-718 Emulsified transparent varnish
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HL-718 Emulsified transparent varnish

Product parameters

HL-718 for the brightness, versatility of the oil-soluble emulsified varnish, can produce mercerized color and dry comfort.
HL-718 can be used for any top coat or effect layer of the spray; as a top coat can have a good filling, smooth appearance to show complete physical properties. As an intermediate layer or effect layer has excellent platen, can be used dye water HD-series or paint varnish HP-series can be quickly colored. It can be easily sprayed again.


Specifications :
   Effective content: 11% + 1%
   Weight: 0.9


Instructions for use :
A) the upper layer of the effect layer
Emulsion Varnish HL-718 600 600
Solvent 600 parts 600 400 ~ 600
Dye Water HD-Series 30 ~ 75
Slip HK-06 10 ~ 30
B) adjust the gloss, can add 5 ~ 20% oily matting agent HD-18 or HD-21.
C) To soften it, add 2 to 5% of the plasticizer HL-251.

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