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HL-723 Black light oil

Product parameters

HL-723 is a high brightness, high solids black varnish, can be used for the top of the black leather.
HL-723 can produce high gloss, tough film and has excellent physical properties, through the drum hot plate or high temperature (120 ℃) low pressure flat plate; it can also slip agent (HK-06) or plastic (HL -251) and used to adjust the feel and control the stretch of the membrane.


Specifications :
   Effective content: ≥ 40%
   Viscosity: ≥ 2500 cps


Instructions for use :
(A) as effect layer:
Varnish HL-723 250 parts
Solvent B.A.C. 740 parts
Dye water HD-black 10 parts
As a top coat:
Varnish HL-723 100 parts
Solvent B.A.C. 300 parts
Slip HK-3 to 5 parts
(B) adjust the gloss, you can add 5 to 30% of the oil-based dark oil HD-21.

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