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HD-21C Oily extinction varnish
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HD-21C Oily extinction varnish

Product parameters

HD-21C is a high efficiency wax quality extinction varnish, can be used in oily varnish, oily emulsion varnish.
HD-21C is suitable for use in the natural appearance of the skin, it is not like the general matting agent, because it can be used alone in the top layer, can produce extinction, wax, astringent and other popular effects, usually add about 5 to 10 %, Can also be added slip HK-06 to adjust the feel.
HD-21C can also be used on embossed leather to control the shading effect on the leather surface; this popular effect is to produce a bright effect in the embossed protrusions and produce a dark effect in the concave part.


Specifications :
  Effective content: 20% + 1%
  Specific gravity: 0.87 ~ 0.94


Instructions for use :
A) adjust the brightness of the varnish, can be added to the total weight of 5 ~ 100%; to get the natural wax texture and appearance.
B) to paint as a primer, the need for wax dark light for the top of the special effects, the reference formula is as follows:
    Oily matting agent HD-21C 100 parts
    Slip HK-06 3 to 5 parts
    Solvent B.A.C. 100 parts
C) as a result of extinction and rubbing leather:
    Oily matting agent HD-21C 100 parts
    Solvent B.A.C. 300 parts
  * Spray once, polish (polish).

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