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HL-783B Black emulsion varnish
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HL-783B Black emulsion varnish

Product parameters

HL-783B for the brightness of the black water-soluble nitrocellulose emulsion varnish, excellent stability, compatibility can be widely used with resin, paint, dye water and other additives mixed. The film formed by HL-783B has excellent flexibility and extensibility, especially for garment leather, glove leather and any soft leather.
HL-783B can be used as intermediate coating (intermediate season coat), in order to facilitate the pressure plate or embossing.


Specifications :
   Effective content: 12.5% + 1%
   P H value: 6.0


Instructions for use :
(A) as a plate coating:
      Emulsion Varnish HL-783B 300 parts
            Water 200 parts
(B) as upper layer:
      Emulsified varnish HL-783B 100 parts
            Water 100 parts

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