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HL-720 Emulsified transparent varnish
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HL-720 Emulsified transparent varnish

Product parameters

HL-720 is a transparent emulsion varnish, especially for the use of imitation lighting (Glazing), polished (Polishing) or high temperature and low pressure roller ironing board decoration. HL-720 can be diluted with water or a solvent (ethyl glycol-E.C.S.).
Because HL-720 is extremely heat-resistant emulsified varnish, it can be pressed at 120 ° C without steam marking; when it is hot at 140 ° C or high temperature and low pressure roller ironing, Can produce smooth, such as lighting effects and shell-like feel.
As the effect layer coating, can add 5 ~ 10% of the HD-series dye water; to improve the feel, can be added to the skin agent HK-08 (water) or HK-06 (oily).


Specifications :
   Effective content: 13% + 1%
   Flash point: 41 ℃


Instructions for use :
(A) diluted with water
Varnish HL-720 325 parts
  Water 650 parts
Slip HK-08 25 parts
(B) is diluted with solvent
Varnish HL-720 500 parts
E.C.S. 500 parts
Slip HK-06 25 parts

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