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HL-707 White oil

Product parameters

HL-707 for the high concentration, the same yellow white emulsion varnish, apply to all white top coat.
HL-707 has excellent coverage, dry can produce high brightness and smooth and dry feel.
HL-707 is particularly suitable for white dough, or injection molding PU outsole.


Specifications :
   Effective content: 42% + 1%
   Viscosity: 3500 CPS
   Specific gravity: 1.2 ~ 1.3


Instructions for use :
A) It is important to dilute this emulsified white varnish and it is recommended that you use the following recipe:
     White oil HL-707 250 parts
     Diluent B.A.C. 750 parts
* Spray once, press the plate, and then spray once.
B) HL-707 can be added without yellowing extinction Varnish HD-02 to extinction.
C) HL-707 by adding 10 to 50% of the yellow transparent transparent oil HL-725 can make the surface more shiny and firm.
D) If you need to make the feel more smooth, can join the invariant yellow slip HK-07, HK-15.

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